Mondez & Kayla Hollomon

18 Year Network Marketing Professionals

Your Journey Starts With You Believing In Yourself


Mondez was introduced to the Direct Marketing industry at the age of 23. Lured by the hype and the promise to make millions and be significant in society, he was committed to becoming successful in the industry. It was just a matter of time until it became clear that very few people ever achieve financial freedom without self-development and distinguishing themselves as a leader first. He found this out the hard way. After failing miserably with that company, he decided to focus on school and received a BS in civil engineering and an MBA in finance.

July 2003

In July ’03 while interning in Real Estate Finance, he realized the journey in commercial real estate was going to be long and unpredictable. The reality set in and became very clear that he would ultimately generate a company millions while working on their projects. This motivated Mondez to take another look at Direct Marketing with the second company he joined. At this point he began to love the industry and the success that came with it. However, the law of attrition showed up and although he knew he could recruit, it was challenging to create the duplication needed to sustain growth, thus pushing him back into Corporate America.

May 2007

After developing a successful career in real estate development and consulting, he started to realize the long hours were taking a toll and even though his salary was the highest it had ever been, he began feeling like he was simply on a higher broke level, working just to pay bills. They say the third time is the charm, but this time he approached the Direct Marketing industry using business-like systems. Deciding against Corporate America was actually an easy decision for Mondez because family, friends and lifestyle are of my highest priorities. He also knew he wanted to be 100% in control of his time, income, and life. He admits his first two experiences in the direct marketing industry were nightmares. He had NO idea what he was doing. He didn’t know how valuable creating systems were. During that time he embraced personal development and learned from every documented professional in the industry. He also read numerous books, attended teleconferences and enrolled into Toastmasters to become a better person.

October 2009

Mondez and Kayla met at an event in Washington, DC. After working closely together for two years they were married in 2012. They have been featured in major publications, Your Business at Home in 2010 & 2011, Success From Home 2013 & 2015 and Networking Times 2013.

March 2013

They contribute their success to remaining focused through their journey, having a dynamic team as well as a turn-key duplicating system.  So the question is, do you want to learn exactly what was taught to them in-order to take back control of your life? If so, they will teach you. In fact, they have dedicated their lives to teaching others what they know because it has had an amazing impact on their life. They can only show you the door. YOU will have to walk through it. If you make the decision and commit to embracing the journey, they invite you to take the next step by Clicking Here and filling out the Home Based Business Questionnaire. They will show you step by step how to Live Life By Design.

It’s that simple. It’s a choice. Choose wisely.

To YOUR Success,

Mondez & Kayla Hollomon

Mr. Hollomon earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a certificate in Waste Management from North Carolina A&T State University, and a master of business administration from Clark Atlanta University School of Business. He is a Robert Toigo Alum, a member of the Urban Land Institute, Former Executive Board Member of AAREP several other real estate industry associations. Mrs. Hollomon earned a bachelor’s degree in Bio-medical Engineering from Virginia Common Wealth University.

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