Learn How Ordinary People Created Extraordinary Lifestyles By Following A Simple Duplicating System.

Behind every “SALE” is a PERSON

Use Extreme Caution.. Hey everyone, Mondez again. Hopefully this lesson will help you lay the foundation for the type of professional you want to be in this industry.  Recently, I have been getting a number questions asking how do I approach people about my business so I thought this would be a great premise for this lesson. Lesson # 1… Read more →

The Power of a Great System

Most people fail in network marketing because they are not given a clear game plan, road map, a system to follow. Without a well-defined system, many new networkers can and will quickly become discouraged. Often times it is because they do not experience the instant success that first enticed them to become involved in the network marketing profession. As a… Read more →

Want To Recruit More Prospects??

Here Are The  Four Secret Rules   Like, Listen, Believe, and Then Join……… (Rule A.)  For the prospect to like you, you must first like the prospect. (Rule B.)  If the prospect likes you, he or she will listen to what you have to say. (Rule C.)  If the prospect listens to you, he or she will generally believe you.… Read more →

Can I Trust You?

If you are planning to build a large network marketing home based business trust is the single most important factor in building the personal and professional relationships. Trust implies accountability, predictability, and reliability. I have often heard it referred to as “the glue that binds followers and leaders together.” More than anything else, followers want to believe in and trust… Read more →